Mizuno Mvp Prime Se 4 12” Baseball Glove – Navy/red | Left-Handed Throw

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The MVP Prime SE line from Mizuno is back for the player that prefers not only quality; but flashy looks on the field. These gloves are designed to give the player a custom feel and look to his/her glove; without paying the custom glove price. Style; affordability and; most importantly; excellence are all grouped together in this line from Mizuno. With the MVP Prime SE; it will be tough to go unnoticed when out on the field. The GMVP1200PSE4 is 12″ in length and designed for a multi-position infielder or pitcher. This glove features Mizuno’s Tartan; basket web; which keeps the seams of the ball completely concealed while selecting a pitch; but it strong enough to handle hard-hit balls up the middle. This glove will also feature a center-pocket design; which will add to the already consistent feel when fielding and transitioning. The shell; palm and web are composed of Mizuno’s Bio Soft Leather in a variety of different colors. This leather is soft and durable with an exceptional feel. The centralized pocket will keep the glove stable in the field; while the pliable leather will break-in rather easily. The leather in the web will contrast the colors on the shell and palm; while the lacing throughout the glove is two-toned to bring it all-together. With seven different color options for the GMVP1200PSE4; the difficult decision is not necessarily choosing an MVP Prime SE glove; but selecting which color you like best. The hand opening features a conventional; open back with a laced binding. The conventional back allows for extra ventilation; while the laced binding provides a secure and snug fit – keeping the glove in place; even during the toughest plays. Taking a look inside; the palm is lined with Mizuno’s UltraSoft Palm lining; for a soft feel and durability. The MVP Prime SE line will arrive soft and just about ready to hit the field. The player should have a pretty minimal break-in period; which means less time working it in and more time showing off it